Relaxing Lucky Ring
Relieving Stress and Anxiety
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The Relaxing Lucky Ring is a perfect ring to get you through stressful or overwhelming situations without being a distraction to others or appearing unprofessional.

It features a spinner at the top. Just give it a drive, it will spin smoothly at a high speed. and it is very gorgeous and sparkling.
Spinner Ring - The Top Diamond Part of the Ring is Rotatable, Can be Spun Smoothly. Beautiful Decorating Band Ring, Also a Secret Fidget Toy that Helps Keep Your Hands Busy and Quits the Habit of Picking or Biting Nails.
Fidget Toys - The Top Part of the Ring Has the Same Bearing Just Like the Windmill, Achieving a Much Longer Spin, Discreet Anti-Anxiety Toys Relieving Stress and Social Tension at Parties or Gatherings, and even improving relationships.
Fidget Ring - gorgeous and sparkling beautifully, 925 Sterling Silver with Platinum plating, Won't Fade, nor Paint Your Finger Green, and is never sensitive to your skin, which is a Long Lasting Jewelry Gift.
Comfort Fit - The Diameter Size of the Ring is 2cm (#7) (0.8"), But They Can Actually be Adjusted From #5 to #10, Suitable for Almost Every Finger, Including Teens.
Relaxing Lucky Ring
Relaxing Lucky Ring is believed to come from ancient Tibetan meditation traditions, and is called a "worry ring" because spinning the ring is believed to have a calming effect on the mind and body.

It is an awesome accessory to occupy idle hands and calm your mind. Relaxing Lucky Rings are frequently used as a stress relief tool, and are beloved by people with ADD everywhere. They have also been used to reduce nail-biting and other bad habits by keeping your hands busy.
  • Relieving Anxiety
  • Secret Fidget Toys
  • Helpful For ADHD
  • Relieving Boredom
  • Great For Stressing Out
  • Perfect For The Classroom, Home or Office
  • Getting Compliments
Frequently Asked Questions
Are you sure this is sterling silver?
Yes, It's very light and very comfortable, it’s definitely sterling silver and never turn your finger green.
Does it really spins?
Yes, The top diamond part really spins, Both directions.
How is this different from spinning a normal ring around on your finger?
The top diamand spins around really fast, and the part on the top that looks like a flower, not the part around your finger, it's very pretty.
Does it tarnish after a few weeks?
No, it doesn't tarnish or turn colors.
Is this hypoallergenic?
The ring is made of 925 Sterling Silver with Platinum plating, It is suitable for sensitive skin.
What sizes would this ring adjust to?
They Can Actually be Adjusted From #5 to #10, Suitable for Almost Every Finger, Including Teens.
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Verified Customer
- Ashleyber
This ring is freaking awesome. I am a natural fidgeter, and feel embarrassed when I do it at work. This helps immensely.
Verified Customer
- Christine Brantley
I love this ring! It’s so cute. It is very lightweight! I got so many compliments within one day! It was nice to have something to fidget with during the work day!It’s easy to spin and it spins for quite some time. I found it was easiest to put on my dominant and on my index finger so my thumb could do the fidgeting!! Great for stress relief and anxiety!
Verified Customer
- Mary Eason
This ring has helped so much with fidgeting. If you suffer from any habit (playing with hair, nail picking, etc) that is from anxiety, this is such a pretty way to break those negative habits and displace it into a harmless fidget.
Verified Customer
- Jennifer B.
So thrilled with these rings. I have to suffer through tedious meetings all the time and these really help zen me out when I want to scream.
Verified Customer
- Chris Mihalow
My girls LOVE this product. It gives them something to fidget with whenever they need to sit still or quiet. They have told me they "love it during school tests" and they "have to think about stuff at school.
Verified Customer
- Jay A. Hudson
I have ADHD and work in a corporate office environment where we have A LOT of meetings. It’s too noticeable for me to bring fidget toys to meetings, so wearing this cute stylish ring that’s an undercover fidget spinner is a wonderful idea. Some male coworkers have been jealous that there isn’t an option for them.
Verified Customer
- Kathleen M. Dunne
This ring is amazing. So pretty, adjustable and functional! The spinning part is really soothing when I’m anxious or even just plain bored. I have received countless compliments on it and am returning to buy more for family/ friends.
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